The problem

The bar industry is plagued with
over-poured drinks, theft, and rude bartenders.

This results in reduced profits and negative Yelp reviews.

The solution

Our secret shoppers can significantly increase bar profits and improve customer service. Secret shoppers tell you what your bartenders do when management isn’t watching, empowering you to provide needed feedback to correct problems. Our secret shoppers also identify positive performances.

Secret Shopper Reports

A maximum of four bartenders are evaluated over two hours. Each report includes:

  • Analysis of pours level
  • Observations on integrity
  • Feedback on customer service performance
  • Feedback on person checking identifications at door (if applicable)
  • Photos of each bartender––enabling you to provide feedback to your staff with confidence

We identify savings of over $5,500 a month on average for our clients.

There is no contract, unless the client prefers in order to simplify scheduling.


We do not post testimonials for this service. Our typical client makes significantly more profits––primarily by eliminating the over-pouring of alcohol. Protecting our client’s profits includes guarding their public reputation.


Secret Shopper Visit


Includes drinks and tip––if a cover is paid, it’s added to invoice. Secret shopper services are currently available in Orange County, CA and the city of Long Beach in CA.

To get started:

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