California cannabis law and your ABC license



As a member of the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Challenge Area 1 Task Force (yes, a government official picked the name), I recently received an email with a link to the California Alcoholic Beverage Control’s INDUSTRY ADVISORY Cannabis and Alcoholic Beverages bulletin.

The two-page bulletin does an excellent job of addressing commonly asked questions concerning the recent law change and its impact on ABC Licensees.

I found it to be helpful. Hopefully, you will to. Here is a link to the ABC bulletin on cannabis:

During trainings, I often get asked ABC-oriented questions. If you have such a question, below is another link. This link will take you to ABC form 608 (ten-pages), and a quick summary of selected ABC laws:

If after reading ABC form 608 you still have questions, feel free to email me and I’ll try to help, as in, contact my business partner Lauren Tyson, who is a former ABC District Administrator.